Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thing 12

I am recovering lurker. Learning the etiquette of commenting on blogs has supported my recovery. I had been uncomfortable about posting my opinions with real world examples but have learned that this does for a valid post. Another important point is the importance of modeling for children the right way to disagree. I think that the fear I had for DC had also kept me from commenting on a post.

I went back and commented on my blog comments, the polite thing to do. I would like to know how to let the original "commenter" know that I have responded. I also commented on five additional posts.

I found three blogs on immigration, a subject of personal interest. The first blog was for the Brownsville Herald. It drew my interest because I am a Valley girl and the blog was about a local lawyer, Carlos Cisneros, gone author. The theme of his book, The Case Runner, is immigration. My students and I had listened to an audio streaming interview on Arte Publico. The next blog where I commented is on a site entitled Immigration Orange. This site has a global view on immigration. On that site I found a link to a CNN story about an immigrant whose saved money was seized at the airport as he attempted to return to his country. I also commented on that blog. My parting words come from Roberto Unger: "In history obedience rarely pays; what pays is defiance."

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